Mid Range Safari

Why Mid Range Safari

One of the main commodities of staying in a lodge is having electricity at your disposition inside your room/tent. Having lights and outlets to charge your electronics is a nice touch after long days of game driving.

In a lodge on of the advantages you can look forward to is the additional space it buys you (In comparison to camping) the large –tented lodges or lodges as well as any of the other upscale options provide sufficient space to stand, walk as well as a normal sized bed that is more likely to give you a nice night of sleep if you’re not accustomed to camping.

Another thing is having a bathroom inside you’re sleeping quarters. This means you will enjoy the privacy and comfort of being able to use the bathroom without having to leave the tent.

You have plenty of options to choose from when lodging basic tented lodges, rustic lodges, luxury lodges. It all depends on your budgets and what you would like. You can look forward to authentic dreamy lodges in the middle of the wilderness in Tanzania.

If you’re looking for a mire private and quite experience this is your options to choose.